ALFEN is founded in 1977 under the title of ‘Mas Machine and Armature Industry. The compound covering 7000 m2 is located in Tuzla, İstanbul.

As a pioneer of its sector, Alfen initially has manifactured several types of steam valve, silt trap and check valve designed for diverse pressures and functions. The company also manages sales and marketing activities of the merchandises beside production.

In 1986, the booster has joined manifactured goods.The initial type of booster was with pyston pump.Then in process vertical pump, horizontal pump, sphere type and membrane full automatic oblique types of the booster are introduced. There are currently around 100 types of mainstream products in various qualities. Yet, Alfen provides custom-made boosters in specified features.

In 1989, the initial import for expansion vessel started with 24 liters of sphere. Since then, technology and processing equipment have developed gradually and enabled the production of any type of expansion vessel in any pressure.

In 1999, circulation systems are included in company’s inventory. In 2002,  Alfen as a brand of company, was switched as the title of the entity and Alfen Machine and Armature Industry Inc was born.

Recently, Alfen Machine and Armature Industry Inc exports the products, franchising them throughout the country, provides a broad network of service supplying spare parts.